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What are the common chiropractic techniques for a herniated disc?

herniated disc chiropractic
herniated disc chiropractic

A herniated disc is a serious condition that can cause severe pain and discomfort. If you suffer from a herniated disc, you should see a chiropractor. There are certain things to consider when making this decision. First, get an initial diagnosis from your doctor. Once you are diagnosed with a herniated disc, you can be sure to proceed with herniated disc chiropractic

It is essential to find an experienced chiropractor for herniated disc treatment. Not all chiropractors are reliable and qualified; see someone who knows what they are doing. Chiropractors with a proven track record of treating herniated disc injuries will provide you with the best care.

Your chiropractor will develop a treatment strategy once they determine you’re healthy enough for spinal manipulation. Your condition and needs are the main focus of the expert’s chiropractic techniques. Here are some methods chiropractors employ on patients with herniated discs:

1. Flexion-Distraction Technique

This technique is a common herniated disc chiropractic treatment that involves gentle spine stretching. It is done using a special table and pumping motions. The method aims to cure pain by helping the nucleus pulposus return to its central position in the disc. It can even increase disc height and lower pressure on nerves, leading to less discomfort and inflammation of the legs. Further, ultrasound, physiotherapy, and dietary changes may be needed for better results.

2. Pelvic Blocking Treatments

  • Uses special cushioned wedges for chiropractic care
  • Wedges go under each side of the pelvis
  • It helps pull herniated discs away from damaged nerves
  • Treats herniated discs effectively
  • It can also help with headaches and other physical issues

3. Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy without surgery is an efficient technique that chiropractors use. They gently stretch the spine on a traction table to relieve your leg or back discomfort. Due to the negative pressure created by this method, the bulging disc will migrate, relieving tension on the injured nerves and other spinal structures.

Moreover, it facilitates the fluid movement, nutrients, and oxygen the discs need to recover faster. You can benefit from this technique if you suffer from neck pain, facet joint syndrome, damaged sciatic nerves, degenerative disc disease, and disc protrusions.

Benefits of chiropractic treatment for herniated discs

When consulting herniated disc chiropractic experts, patients with bulging discs and back pain issues feel better without undergoing invasive or expensive treatments. Severe health conditions and chronic illnesses make it extremely difficult to use other medical therapies.

Therefore, people with herniated discs opt for chiropractic care for the following reasons:

1. Does Not Require Surgery

Generally, orthopedists recommend invasive surgeries to treat a herniated disc. But this could be risky because of its proximity to the spinal cord. Due to the mistake of only a few millimeters, you might become paralyzed for a short or long period, depending on the damage to the nerves.

Chiropractic treatment doesn’t require invasive procedures to treat herniated discs and thus is risk-free. Besides, your chiropractor will not forcefully press down the disc to set it in its place. The treatment realigns discs without excess pressure to remove pain and discomfort.

2. Does Not Require Painkillers

A herniated disc can cause severe pain and even impair movements, especially while standing or walking. It is recommended to consult a chiropractor for dislocated discs due to the unbearable pain that even painkillers can’t relieve.

Over-the-counter medications, when taken for prolonged periods, have side effects that can harm your health. NSAIDs relieve pain but don’t address the root cause. Chiropractic treatment for herniated discs aims to align discs and reduce pain, promoting natural recovery.

3. Prevents Further Relapses

The main causes of herniated discs include-

  • Poor posture during tough physical movement
  • Excessive lifting
  • Sport injuries

Lifestyle changes are essential to prevent recurrence, making it crucial for a chiropractor to diagnose the root cause of a herniated disc. During treatment, chiropractors teach proper posture, suggest warm-up exercises, and incorporate stretching before strenuous physical activity to aid recovery and prevent future issues.

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Did you know? Almost 90% of herniated disc patients can be cured without surgery. If you are looking for natural rehabilitation methods, consider chiropractic treatment. It can help reduce the discomfort and promote effective healing. Herniated disc chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that cures the underlying cause of pain rather than treating the symptoms.

Combining flexion-distraction and spinal adjustments can alleviate pain at the disc protrusion and throughout the body. You can relieve pain that has bothered you for a long time by seeing a chiropractor at Tropea Chiropractic Inc. Schedule an appointment with our qualified and friendly professionals to experience the difference.

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