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4 Common Car Accident Injuries & How A Chiropractor Helps?

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While few accidents are more severe than others, even the smallest incident can take a major toll on your body. Often, aches and pains only improve in some days after the accident, but if left untreated, they worsen. Chiropractic treatment is not only gentle and drug-free, but it is also an effective way for many car accident injuries—providing relief and long-term healing.

If you sustained a whiplash injury or a spinal injury, seek out the car accident chiropractic right after the diagnosis. Never wait till you experience chronic pain. In addition to treating your symptoms, chiropractic care can prevent re-injury, reduce overall medical expenses, and save money.

Types of car accident injuries

Here are some common car injuries that can be treated with chiropractic care. Remember, getting checked out by an experienced chiropractor straight after any accident is essential. It will ensure you don’t have any internal injuries or broken bones that need medical treatment.

1. Whiplash

As your car crashes to some surface, your seatbelt keeps your torso in place. What happens is your neck and head are flung forward due to the forward movement of your head. The sudden jerk damages the soft tissue of your neck.

Whiplash symptoms include stiffness and pain when moving your neck, reduced or restricted movement of the neck, headaches at the base of your skull, and numb sensations in the neck and shoulders.

2. Shoulder Pain

Your shoulders could take a severe knock, depending on the tension in your arms when the accident occurred. The shoulder pain is often radiating from the neck, but it can also result from soft tissue damage and inflammation around the joint area—especially if your x-rays are all clear.

Symptoms of shoulder pain include stiffness, pain, and reduced mobility. If you are experiencing such conditions, find the best car accident chiropractic near me today.

3. Back Pain

Car accidents can affect your back in several ways.

  • Whiplash commonly causes upper spine pain.
  • Lower back pain often results from side impacts in car accidents.
  • Pain occurs during movement, sitting, and lying down.
  • Inflammation can lead to shooting pain down the legs (lower back) or arms (upper spine).
  • Side-on impacts can disrupt spinal alignment, worsening pain.

Chiropractic care can realign the spine and alleviate pain effectively.

4. Joint Pain

Ankles, knees, and elbows can sustain injury and be contorted in various accidents. Even if the bones remain intact, the soft tissues surrounding the joint can be damaged or sprained, leading to pain and inflammation. Symptoms of joint pain typically include discomfort and throbbing sensations that worsen with movement or pressure. Solution? Consider car accident chiropractic.

How can chiropractic care help?

Chiropractic treatment can provide relief and support your body’s natural healing function in different ways. After being thoroughly examined by a chiropractor, you can expect the following elements in your treatment plans-


Chiropractors perform specialized manual adjustments on your spine to ensure the vertebrae are optimally aligned. It provides relief as pressure on the spinal cord and nerves is released—particularly for injuries such as whiplash or lower back pain.


Through specific techniques, chiropractors will use manual therapy (massage) to reduce inflammation, ease tension, promote circulation, and promote your body’s natural healing process. It has been proven to provide relief in cases of whiplash.

If you’ve been in an accident and you’re suffering from lingering pain, it’s time to get some help. Find a car accident chiropractic near me and leave your back, neck, and joint pain in the rearview mirror!


Your chiropractor will address problematic joints to alleviate tension and enhance mobility. They will employ specific stretches to improve joint mobility and alleviate stiffness while providing guidance on exercises that can support your healing process at home between sessions.

The Bottom Line

The treatment period for chiropractic care differs from person to person. Depending on the conditions, some patients may require a few sessions while others need prolonged treatment due to the severity.

After an auto accident, consulting an experienced chiropractor can help you recover fully. They will thoroughly examine and design a personalized plan to address your problems.

If you are looking for a trusted provider of car accident chiropractic near me, Tropea Chiropractic Inc. has all the answers. Get chiropractic plans that treat musculoskeletal problems affecting the spine and other body parts. Call us today at (408) 329-9604 to book a one-on-one consultation in our clinic in Sunnyvale.

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