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If you’ve experienced a concussion, you may experience serious side effects as a result. At Tropea Chiropractic in Sunnyvale, CA, we offer chiropractic care for patients who have suffered concussions. Here’s what you can expect if you’ve been diagnosed with a concussion.


A concussion is a traumatic brain injury, typically caused by a hit to the head. Concussions can be dangerous because they impact your brain function. If you think you’ve experienced a concussion, it’s a good idea to talk to a chiropractor about the incident. A chiropractor will get to the root of the problem to ensure you get proper treatment.

What Causes Concussions?

Several different types of situations can lead to concussions. For example, you could slip and fall, hitting your head on the ground. Car accidents and sports accidents can also cause concussions. For instance, you could hit your head against your steering wheel after you’re hit by another car, or perhaps you were in a boxing match and took a sharp blow to the head. No matter the cause of your concussion, you need to get treatment quickly.

What Are the Symptoms of a Concussion?

Concussion symptoms can vary. In some cases, people don’t experience any symptoms. Those who do experience symptoms may complain about headaches, confusion, memory loss, nausea, and vomiting. Some people become very sleepy after a concussion and some experience extreme dizziness or ringing in the ears. Some of the symptoms can be long-lasting.

How Do Chiropractors Treat Concussions?

Chiropractors use a variety of treatments to address concussions. For example, a chiropractic adjustment can improve the flow of blood through your body. Blood flow helps your body and brain heal, and the adjustments remove any misalignment impacting that movement.
Of course, chiropractic adjustments aren’t the only way we address this problem. We also offer spinal decompression, manual manipulation, and corrective exercises. These techniques help address some of the symptoms that come with a concussion, like headaches and gait issues.
Additionally, concussions can also come with shoulder, back, and neck injuries. Chiropractors may use therapeutic massage, electrical stimulation, and other treatment methods to reduce pain and provide comfort.

Get Chiropractic Care for Your Concussions

Tropea Chiropractic in Sunnyvale, CA, offers treatment for concussions and more. Call our office today to make a treatment plan that frees you from pain and discomfort.