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How effective is chiropractic treatment for Sciatica

Can chiropractic care near me treat Sciatica

If you want a natural and medication-free way to cure Sciatica and lower back pain, go for safe and reliable chiropractic treatment. It uncovers and detects the root cause of the problem and then heals it effectively. It’s not the case with pain management that includes medications. You can start by visiting a clinic that offers chiropractic care near me.

What are the causes of Sciatica?

Starting from the lower back, the sciatic nerve goes down to legs and feet. It is the widest and longest nerve in the human body. When there is any pressure or strain in the lower back, you can experience pain. This is Sciatica. It may occur due to a herniated disc, bone spurs (also known as osteophytes), or muscle strain. A few other causes include-

  • Arthritis that occurs when there is swelling in the joint area within the spine.
  • Degenerative disc disease.
  • Pregnancy
  • Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces between the spinal cord.
  • When a vertebra skids onto another vertebra right below it (Spondylitis)

Apart from these causes, other conditions that can result in Sciatica are being overweight, wearing high heels regularly, not being physically active, and using an unstable mattress for sleeping that is too soft.

What are the symptoms of Sciatica?

Before you seek chiropractic care near me for Sciatica, it’s essential to know the symptoms of this condition first. When you feel a sensation like an electric shock, searing that goes down into the back of your legs and the buttocks or a burning pain, that is most likely sciatica pain.

Usually, it happens on one side of the body but many patients have reported experiencing it on both sides. The pain that comes down from the legs is more severe than the lower back.

While some patients have reported that the pain is exceptionally severe, others say it’s more frequent and worsens over time. Here are few other symptoms of Sciatica:

  • Burning or tingling pain running down the leg and foot
  • Difficulty walking
  • Pins and needles
  • Weakness/numbness in the leg or foot
  • Difficulty standing up because of shooting pain

The condition can get worse and more severe, leaving permanent damage if not addressed early. Incontinence movement is one of the extreme results of sciatica pain. Getting the right chiropractic treatment for Sciatica is advisable as soon as you discover any symptoms.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica: A Natural Pain Relief

According to research, medication for sciatica treatment does not necessarily address the root of the problem. It only addresses the pain. Some of these medications cause side effects like fatigue, dizziness, headaches or blurred vision.

Chiropractic treatment for Sciatica is an excellent alternative to medication. Other medication-free ways to manage and treat Sciatica include:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga

Chiropractic treatment is particularly beneficial because a herniated disc usually causes this condition. A herniated disc also known as a slipped disc or ruptured disc, happens in the lower back area where the sciatic nerve is located. Experienced chiropractors who offer chiropractic care near me realign the slipped discs, which can also identify the cause of the pain.

Types of Chiropractic Treatments for Sciatica

  1. Spinal Traction

Spinal traction is one of the most effective chiropractic treatments for Sciatica. The technique involves decompressing the spine, also called “distraction.” Chiropractors use gentle stretches that focus on the spinal discs and are painless. It is also used to straighten the spinal cord to enhance the body’s ability to self-heal.

This chiropractic technique also promotes rehydration by pulling in fluid and nutrients into the spinal disc. It is particularly effective when bone spurs cause sciatica.

  1. Diversified Technique

The diversified manipulation or adjustment involves a low-amplitude, high-velocity push to regain proper spinal alignment.

  1. Myofascial Release Technique

When a strain on the muscle causes Sciatica, chiropractors usually use the myofascial release technique. The therapy involves minor pressure on the myofascial tissue, which connects and protects the bones and muscles.

  1. Ice Therapy

Ice therapy helps manage sciatica pain by reducing inflammation.

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustment for Sciatica

  • Improved mobility and range of motion.
  • Enhanced natural healing and recovery processes.
  • A non-invasive and drug-free approach to treatment.
  • Addressing the root cause of Sciatica for long-term relief.
  • Improved overall spinal health and well-being.
  • Spinal adjustments and manual manipulations to realign the spine
  • Alleviation of pain associated with Sciatica
  • Additional therapies like soft tissue manipulation may be included for comprehensive care.

The Bottom line

Sciatic pain management can be easy with expert chiropractors by your side. Your search ends at Tropea Chiropractic Inc. in Sunnyvale for the best chiropractic care near me.

Once the chiropractors find the cause of the pain, they will work with you to develop a treatment course. It could include ice therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or spinal manipulation. The approach will focus on drug-free, non-invasive procedures to remove the source of pain for your body to heal.

Schedule an appointment now and start your journey for a pain-free life.

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